The secret life of koi

Boring with a capital B most of the time… We think it would be a lot of fun to have a koi-cam since the koi actually move around a lot when they think no one is watching.  I’m experimenting filming the koi with an old GoPro. Here’s a clip guaranteed to put you to sleep, 50 seconds of koi milling around…

(So I’m writing the second half of this post a few hours later…) Dragged out the better GoPro Hero3+ Black edition and the camera is way better.  Here’s an even longer video clip of the koi milling around the pond.  I will say our koi look pretty fat from the side. Cha Cha (the sparkly koi who swims a little off) was the koi that was mostly dead in January. Some of the little six-seven-inch-ish koi also came out in this video. I enjoy watching the video but I think the average watcher might not go past 15 to 20 seconds. 

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