The Polar Vortex Returns

…or as Jimmy Fallon commented last night, we used to call it November. The weather forecasters had 8 to 12 inches of snow coming our way on Monday and we might have gotten 2 inches. The air temperature is pretty cold now and we’re heading for a stretch of single digit lows. I guess we need to work a little faster on the pond pyramid cover. The new lights in the pond are very nice and allow us to see the koi quite easily at night. We’ll be getting more for the upper pond next year. The pond digger has announced that he will be making the upper pond a little deeper on the near end. So I’m hoping this spring he won’t damage my new plants too much (of course, who knows how well they will fare over the winter….) I’m also thinking that next year we should install camera systems on the pond so that we can check on the koi anytime. Lots of things to think about while we stay warm inside. Here are some photos of when the snow started falling yesterday and this morning where a little ice ice is starting to form on the pond surface.



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