Naming the koi

“serious” koi keepers don’t name their koi…I happen to like naming the koi because it helps me to identify them once they are in the pond. Plus each koi actually has a personality of sorts. Here’s the current roll call of the 33 koi in our care:

Blackhawk and Squamish

Athos and Porthos

Chinook and Coho

D'Artagnon Aramis and Paco

Jamocha and Jamaica

Lefty Slash and Marius

Lenny Woody and BoBo

Phoebe JoJo Kiki




  1. Michelle Gravenish says:

    Hi Lori. So Stash and Lefty came from Genki. What about Marius? Looks like a sibling? I like how Stash’s grey’s areas cleaned up into a nice white.


    1. lorivertin says:

      Marius also came form Genkikoi…however, Slash and Lefty were the ones advertised as the small batch from Sakai


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