A Lucky Koi Keeper

I’m pretty lucky to be married to someone who works so hard to build exactly what I want. Today the pond digger and I worked on the waterfall. The landscape designer suggested we put a little curve in it. The pond digger saw a photo on Facebook of the waterfalls at the Mirage in Las Vegas and suggested a similar look. So we decided to create more steps into the waterfall and this year we’ll start the waterfall right under the bridge. We peeled back the liner but since we have a lot of liner laying around, we just took the entire liner out and will re-line the waterfall. We’re using some concrete forms to keep the waterfall shape. The pond digger enjoys playing with concrete but not carrying bags of quik-crete up the hill. Over the next few days we’ll continue to fix the side and we might have the waterfall running next weekend.

It looks a little messy but in a few days we'll have a beautiful waterfall.
It looks a little messy but in a few days we’ll have a beautiful waterfall.
Concrete will ensure that our waterfall does not break down over time.
Concrete will ensure that our waterfall does not break down over time.

We also saw a blue heron flying above our property today. Lucky for us, none of our koi became a mid-day snack for him. We really need the shade feature to go up over the shiro utsuri pond so that the heron can’t see the pond and will not have an easy way to fly down to the pond. The large pond does not have an easy flight path as well. The blue heron perched on top of our neighbors house and finally flew away. Until the shade feature is built, I will string some fishing line across the edge water of the lower pond.

The other lucky event of the day is that I got my first pick choice for the Koi Acres Omosako Shiro Utsuri Grow Out Competition. Once you have won your selection, all the koi will go into a mud pond at Koi Acres for the summer. At the fall harvest, they will be judged by Omosako himself! So this is a big deal and I’m feeling that I’m a very lucky koi keeper today!

Here’s my grow out shiro utsuri (video – Devin Swanson, Koi Acres):

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