The waterfall is finished!!!

Memorial Day weekend and we have much of the pond work done. The upper pond’s waterfall was finally finished and all the plants have been planted and mulched. The pond digger has been working on pouring concrete into the supporting posts for the lower pond shade element and the screen elements behind the upper pond’s bridge. It’s been amazing to see how much work my pond digger has done through all kinds of weather. Not to mention that he has probably put in 35 hours a week after work! The digging, hauling and back breaking work does require a lot of aleve and visits to the chiropracter….

a lot of work goes into these ponds...
a lot of work goes into these ponds…

With the end in sight for the last few projects, the pond digger is already a little worried about the lack of projects. Koi pond building withdrawal. I do think he might need a little break and should just enjoy watching our koi grow.

Take a look at the beautiful ponds he’s created for me…

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